Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hello from Florida!

We have finally had a chance to get away and what a get away it has been. We are in Florida enjoying Disney World and all it's wonderful friends and rides. The kids are having a blast - especially the biggest kid of them all - my husband.

Here is daughter of Eve, Tinker Bell, meeting Prince Caspian.

Of course, mom and dad had to meet him too and hear about all his many adventures! Whiz Kid is the only kid that truly understands his story as he is the only one who has read the books, therefore has watched the movie (a rule in our house - read the book first and then you can watch the movie). However, He has talked about it and played it out so many times in front of the others that they were excited to meet him and knew much of his story.

All the kids have been having a blast. They all seem to be fearless when it comes to rides -rides at least that are fast and turn upside down. However, the dark ones that have somewhat off scary tone to it - not so much. The Tower of Terror at MGM was fine for Bruiser and Princess but Whiz Kid and Tinker Bell not so much. I think it bothered Tinker Bell only because it bothered Whiz Kid but boy was he up set. He was sobbing at the end of the ride. I felt so bad but there was little to control him. An Asian lady who worked at the end of the ride was sweet enough to come and try and help. Aunt Traci - this picture is for you.

She wrote everyone's name on their arm (except for Whiz Kid - she did Master) in Mandarin. All the kids immediately thought of Aunt Traci. I know, I know it's not the same but...

I do have to brag on Whiz Kid a bit though. After a fun filled day on the other rides, he was ready to tackle the tower again. This time he covered his ears from the music and video (ride was based on the show "The Twilight Zone") and loved the ride itself.

Well, my biggest kid, my husband, is not one to be left out. He has been enjoying every ride and all the thrills of the park. However, upon shopping the stores in Disney, we came upon a hat that was the true statement of my husband -

Off to bed and on to visit Animal Kingdom tomorrow! Woohoo!!!