Friday, May 27, 2016

It's a Love/Hate Relationship

This time of year brings a plethora of emotions for me.  It's that time to say goodbye to some amazing products and make room for some NEW amazing products coming soon. Close to My Heart always surprises us with fabulous new scrapbooking and card making supplies but it is so hard to say goodbye sometimes. There are many items on our retired list that I truly love!!! Can you say Glitter and Shimmer?  Do you hear the Cricut chirps getting softer and softer?  Oh my! :-(

Here is the official Retired list, just released last night and let me warn you. If  you see something here that you have been meaning to order and just haven't had a chance to - NOW IS THE TIME!!!!  These items will not last long.  Once the retired list is announced, these items FLY out the doors to order your supplies now before it's too late!  Don't forget too that during May if you spend $60 you qualify for the Happy Times Paper Pack Free and can get a album for 25% off!

Item # Description Catalog
Bulk232 Clear Sparkles  
Bulk369 Zoe Bulk  
Bulk371 Sangria Bulk  
Bulk373 La Vie en Rose Bulk  
Bulk374 Kaleidoscope Bulk  
Bulk375 Georgia Bulk  
Bulk376 Urban Bulk  
G1096 Workshops on the Go® Zoe Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
G1097 Workshops on the Go® Sangria Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
G1100 Workshops on the Go® La Vie En Rose  Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
G1101 Workshops on the Go® Kaleidoscope Cardmaking Kit Annual 15-16
G1102 Workshops on the Go® Georgie Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
G1103 Workshops on the Go® Urban Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
X7197B My Reflections™ Zoe Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7197C Zoe Complements Annual 15-16
X7199B My Reflections™ Sangria Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7199C Sangria Complements Annual 15-16
X7201B My Reflections™ La Vie En Rose Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7201C La Vie En Rose Complements Annual 15-16
X7202B My Reflections™ Kaleidoscope Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7202C Kaleidoscope Complements Annual 15-16
X7203B My Reflections™ Georgie Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7203C Georgie Complements Annual 15-16
X7204B My Reflections™ Urban Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7204C Urban Complements Annual 15-16
Z1475 3” x 3” White Daisy Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1476 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" White Daisy Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1477 5” x 7” White Daisy Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1478 6” x 6” White Daisy Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1725 Adhesive Springs Annual 15-16
Z1750 Display Tray  Annual 15-16
Z1752 Sparkles Clear Assortment  Annual 15-16
Z1756 3” x 3” Colonial White Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1757 4.25 x 5.5 Colonial White Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1758 5” x 7” Colonial White Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1759 6” x 6” Colonial White Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1816 Durables Artisan Studs Annual 15-16
Z1833 My Creations® Kraft Container Annual 15-16
Z1838 5 x 7 Hinged Display Tray Annual 15-16
Z1849 Bronze Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z1851 Scallop Border Punch Annual 15-16
Z1853 Aqua Dots Annual 15-16
Z1871 My Creations® Kraft 3-Ring Album Annual 15-16
Z1903 Base & Bling Adhesive Dots Annual 15-16
Z1904 Base & Bling Adhesive Strips Annual 15-16
Z1918 Teal Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z1919 Purple Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z1922 Pink Glitter Paper Annual 15-16
Z1924 Dot Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1925 Chevron Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1926 Quatrefoil Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1927 Damask Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1928 Durables Triangle Studs Annual 15-16
Z1934 Flamingo Dots Annual 15-16
Z1953 My Creations® Journaling Cards Box Annual 15-16
Z1956 Hip Pics Album Annual 15-16
Z1960 Stripe Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1980 My Legacy Cocoa Damask D-Ring Annual 15-16
Z1981 My Legacy Slate Circles D-Ring Annual 15-16
Z1982 My Legacy Cocoa Damask Post Bound  Annual 15-16
Z1983 My Legacy Slate Cirlces Post Bound  Annual 15-16
Z1986 Pink Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z1991 Teal Glitter Paper Annual 15-16
Z1992 Purple Glitter Paper Annual 15-16
Z1993 Arrow Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1994 Floral Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1995 Honeycomb Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1996 Woodgrain Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1997 Triangle Border Punch Annual 15-16
Z1998 Chevron Border Punch Annual 15-16
Z2006 Designed Décor Red Magnetic Chalkboard Annual 15-16
Z2009 Red Enamel Hearts Annual 15-16
Z2010 White Enamel Stars Annual 15-16
Z2015 Designed Décor Black Shadow Box Annual 15-16
Z2016 Designed Décor Colonial White Shadow Box Annual 15-16
Z2023 Bling Gems Gold Assortment  Annual 15-16
Z2028 Designer Creations Short Stack Album Annual 15-16
Z2036 Designer Creations Slate Paper Bags Annual 15-16
Z2037 Designer Creations Lagoon Paper Bags Annual 15-16
Z2038 Designer Creations Ruby Paper Bags Annual 15-16
Z2039 Designer Creations Honey Paper Bags Annual 15-16
Z2049 Designer Creations Cupcake Box Annual 15-16
Z2050 Designer Creations Takeout Box Annual 15-16
Z2053 Designer Creations Buttoned Bag Annual 15-16
Z2054 Base & Bling Journey Style Sheet Annual 15-16
Z2055 Base & Bling Signature Style Sheet Annual 15-16
Z2090 My Legacy Lagoon Chevron D-Ring Album Annual 15-16
Z2091 My Legacy Ruby Floral D-Ring Annual 15-16
Z2092 My Legacy Lagoon Chevron Post Bound  Annual 15-16
Z2093 My Legacy Ruby Floral Post Bound  Annual 15-16
Z3018 Heart Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z3019 Vine Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z3020 Diamond Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z3021 Scallop Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z3025 Blue Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z3032 Rolling Tote Annual 15-16
Z3034 My Legacy BlackD-Ring Annual 15-16
Z3035 Pixie Extra Thick Twine  Annual 15-16
Z3036 Flaxen Extra Thick Twine  Annual 15-16
Z3039 Glacier Extra Thick Twine Annual 15-16
Z3040 Thistle Extra Thick Twine Annual 15-16
Z3043 My Creations™ Black Mini Book Annual 15-16
Z3044 My Creations™ Kraft Mini Book Annual 15-16
Z3069 My Creations™ Mini Mix Album Annual 15-16
Z3070 My Creations™ Mini Folio Annual 15-16
Z3078 La Vie En Rose Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3079 Urban Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3082 Zoe Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3084 Sangria Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3085 Kaleidoscope Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3092 Georgie Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3114 Roller Stamp This Happened Annual 15-16
Z3115 Roller Stamp Day-to-Day Annual 15-16
Z3137  My Creations™ Pint-Sized Container  Annual 15-16
Z3145  Picture My Life Overlay Black  Annual 15-16
Z3147  Cut Above™ Dapper Giraffe Card Kit  Annual 15-16
Z3148  Cut Above™ Beautiful Blossoms Card Kit  Annual 15-16
Z3168 Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection Annual 15-16
Z3170 Cricut® Artiste Collection Annual 15-16
Z3171 Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection Annual 15-16
Z3173 Base & Bling Affirmations Style Sheet Annual 15-16
Z3174 Base & Bling Lovely Blooms Style Sheet Annual 15-16
Z3177 Picture My Life™ Through the Year Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3178 Picture My Life™ Childhood Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3179 Picture My Life™ Georgie Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3180 Picture My Life™ Going Places Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3181 Picture My Life™ Beautiful You Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3182  Instalife™ Album–Berry  Annual 15-16
Z3183  Instalife™ Album–Teal  Annual 15-16
Z3186  Instalife™ Cards–Colorful Me  Annual 15-16
Z3187  Instalife™ Cards–The Bright Side  Annual 15-16

There are some amazing items going away, aren't there! Seriously, order yours now before it is too late!

Here is the retired stamp list:

Stamps Retiring May 1, 2016
Item # Description 2015-2016
Seasonal Expressions 1
Cricut® Compatible Retiring
A1184 Rejoice 20   30-Apr-16
A1185 Friendly Wishes 32   30-Apr-16
A1186 Pirate Birthday 28   30-Apr-16
B1507 To the Moon 11   30-Apr-16
B1508 Kiss It Better 13 X 30-Apr-16
B1509 My Mother (US/CA) 12   30-Apr-16
B1510 Sugar & Spice 28 X 30-Apr-16
B1511 My Mother (AU/NZ) 28   30-Apr-16
B1512 Play Hard— Gymnastics 30 X 30-Apr-16
B1513 Block Uppercase 10   30-Apr-16
B1514 Play Hard—Diving 31 X 30-Apr-16
B1515 Play Hard—Cheer 30 X 30-Apr-16
B1516 Your Beautiful Self 20   30-Apr-16
C1635 Our Story 29 X 30-Apr-16
C1636 Live, Laugh, Love 21 X 30-Apr-16
C1637 Stamps of Approval 33 X 30-Apr-16
C1638 Spring Critters 19   30-Apr-16
C1639 Take Heart 13   30-Apr-16
C1640 Friend in Me 18   30-Apr-16
C1641 Springtime Wishes 9   30-Apr-16
C1642 My Anchor 27   30-Apr-16
C1643 Stuck on You 10   30-Apr-16
D1683 Woodland Romance 8 X 30-Apr-16
D1684 Beach Days 26 X 30-Apr-16
M1135 On the Plus Side 11   30-Apr-16
M1136 Patch of Sky 11   30-Apr-16
M1137 A Day for Mother 12   30-Apr-16
Stamps Retiring August 1, 2016
Item # Description 2014-2015
Seasonal Expressions 1
Seasonal Expressions 2
Annual Inspirations
Holiday Expressions
Cricut® Compatible Retiring
A1115 A Holiday         X 31-Jul-16
A1117 A Typeface     105     31-Jul-16
A1121 A Blossom         X 31-Jul-16
A1131 Love         X 31-Jul-16
A1146 Sincere Expressions     74     31-Jul-16
A1149 Trim The Tree         X 31-Jul-16
A1150 Charming Chevrons     30     31-Jul-16
A1159 LOL         X 31-Jul-16
A1161 Beyond Measure       12   31-Jul-16
A1164 Beach Gear         X 31-Jul-16
A1167 Keep Your Chin Up     75     31-Jul-16
A1172 Smiles Begin with You   17       31-Jul-16
A1173 The Best Dad Ever   24       31-Jul-16
A1174 Spray of Joy       20   31-Jul-16
A1175 Pen Pals     26   X 31-Jul-16
A1176 Christmas Star       28 X 31-Jul-16
A1177 Light the Menorah       27   31-Jul-16
A1178 Love My Dog     87     31-Jul-16
A1179 Housewarming Hello     40   X 31-Jul-16
A1181 Love My Cat     87     31-Jul-16
A1183 Little Things - Hostess Rewards     10     31-Jul-16
B1381 Holiday Cheer         X 31-Jul-16
B1390 Countdown         X 31-Jul-16
B1391 Zoology         X 31-Jul-16
B1392 Key Moments         X 31-Jul-16
B1398 Just for You         X 31-Jul-16
B1399 Crafted with Love         X 31-Jul-16
B1400 Beautiful Friendship         X 31-Jul-16
B1404 Cup of Cheer         X 31-Jul-16
B1408 Buttons, Bits, and Bobs         X 31-Jul-16
B1409 Pirouette         X 31-Jul-16
B1412 Perfect Fit—Holidays         X 31-Jul-16
B1413 Perfect Fit—Halloween         X 31-Jul-16
B1415 In Gear         X 31-Jul-16
B1416 Keyboard Uppercase     107     31-Jul-16
B1417 Perfect Fit—Birthday         X 31-Jul-16
B1419 Joyful Birthday     67     31-Jul-16
B1422 Easter Wishes         X 31-Jul-16
B1424 Classy Doily         X 31-Jul-16
B1427 Perfect Fit—Thanksgiving         X 31-Jul-16
B1428 Look to the Light     5     31-Jul-16
B1429 Eek & Shriek         X 31-Jul-16
B1431 Reel Life         X 31-Jul-16
B1435 Angel Friends         X 31-Jul-16
B1438 Banner Wishes     68     31-Jul-16
B1443 Hello Wonderful         X 31-Jul-16
B1449 Oodles of Doodles     26   X 31-Jul-16
B1453 Frightfully Fun       9   31-Jul-16
B1460 Trick or Treat Sweets       9 X 31-Jul-16
B1462 Lovely Birthday     67     31-Jul-16
B1463 Thankful Heart       13   31-Jul-16
B1466 Sweet Salutations         X 31-Jul-16
B1473 Flowers for Mom         X 31-Jul-16
B1474 Flowers for Mum 23       X 31-Jul-16
B1475 Handmade 29       X 31-Jul-16
B1476 My Fave 33       X 31-Jul-16
B1478 Ice-Cold Summer   28       31-Jul-16
B1479 Salute Our Heros   24 98   X 31-Jul-16
B1481 Friendly Pets   13 87     31-Jul-16
B1482 My Story     101   X 31-Jul-16
B1483 Season's Greetings       27   31-Jul-16
B1485 Positive Chemistry     65     31-Jul-16
B1486 Darling Dinos     28     31-Jul-16
B1487 Perfect Pear - Hostess Reward     10     31-Jul-16
B1488 Pumpkin Chevron       11 X 31-Jul-16
B1490 Happy Hooray - Hostess Reward     7     31-Jul-16
B1491 Birthday Funnies Hostess Reward     7     31-Jul-16
B1492 Fallen Leaves     40     31-Jul-16
B1494 Hit the Road     103   X 31-Jul-16
B1495 Play Hard— Baseball     96   X 31-Jul-16
B1496 Play Hard— Basketball     97   X 31-Jul-16
B1497 Play Hard— Cricket     97   X 31-Jul-16
B1498 Play Hard— Football     97   X 31-Jul-16
B1499 Play Hard— Hockey     96   X 31-Jul-16
B1500 Play Hard—Rugby     97   X 31-Jul-16
B1501 Play Hard— Soccer     97   X 31-Jul-16
B1502 Play Hard—Volleyball     97   X 31-Jul-16
B1503 Steampunk Scoundrels       11   31-Jul-16
B1504 Sending Love     65     31-Jul-16
B1505 Baby & Friends     82   X 31-Jul-16
B1506 Little Presents     82   X 31-Jul-16
C1441 Affection         X 31-Jul-16
C1462 All Hallows Eve         X 31-Jul-16
C1463 Harvest Happiness         X 31-Jul-16
C1464 Blue Ribbon         X 31-Jul-16
C1465 Unscripted         X 31-Jul-16
C1467 Sweet Moments         X 31-Jul-16
C1469 December 25th         X 31-Jul-16
C1483 Born to Ride         X 31-Jul-16
C1484 Love Clusters         X 31-Jul-16
C1496 Enjoy!         X 31-Jul-16
C1497 Pure Adventure         X 31-Jul-16
C1501 New Arrival         X 31-Jul-16
C1502 Princess Wings         X 31-Jul-16
C1503 The Best Things         X 31-Jul-16
C1509 Magic Potions         X 31-Jul-16
C1521 Approved         X 31-Jul-16
C1523 Outta This World         X 31-Jul-16
C1530 Sail Away         X 31-Jul-16
C1531 Tropical Paradise         X 31-Jul-16
C1532 Camping Delights         X 31-Jul-16
C1534 Sightseer         X 31-Jul-16
C1537 Honeycomb         X 31-Jul-16
C1538 Girls Rock         X 31-Jul-16
C1540 Hello Blooms         X 31-Jul-16
C1541 New Baby         X 31-Jul-16
C1542 Perect Fit—Dad         X 31-Jul-16
C1543 Perfect Fit—Mom         X 31-Jul-16
C1558 Wild Wonders         X 31-Jul-16
C1559 Always Grateful     41     31-Jul-16
C1564 Stitch Wonder         X 31-Jul-16
C1565 In the Moment         X 31-Jul-16
C1566 Tech Speak         X 31-Jul-16
C1567 Santa Claus         X 31-Jul-16
C1575 True to Life         X 31-Jul-16
C1578 Camper Crazy     102     31-Jul-16
C1580 Big Top         X 31-Jul-16
C1581 Inspiration Flourishes         X 31-Jul-16
C1582 Made from Scratch         X 31-Jul-16
C1584 Feathers     100     31-Jul-16
C1588 Great Job     23     31-Jul-16
C1590 Delightful Ditty     24     31-Jul-16
C1591 Merry, Merry       20   31-Jul-16
C1594 Treasure Friendship     94     31-Jul-16
C1599 Pretty Petals         X 31-Jul-16
C1604 Forever in My Heart 11       X 31-Jul-16
C1607 Someone Special 24   54     31-Jul-16
C1610 Dizzy Circle   14       31-Jul-16
C1611 Campfire Lifestyle   23 98     31-Jul-16
C1616 Treats of Friendship   15 45   X 31-Jul-16
C1620 Baby Zoo     80     31-Jul-16
C1621 Mr. & Mrs.     57     31-Jul-16
C1622 In Review     59     31-Jul-16
C1623 Loads of Fun     28     31-Jul-16
C1624 Birthday Wish- Hostess Rewards     6     31-Jul-16
C1625  A Thousand Thanks     43     31-Jul-16
C1626 Hexagonal Patterns     55   X 31-Jul-16
C1627 Reindeer Bells       23   31-Jul-16
C1628 Christ Is Born       28   31-Jul-16
C1629 Diamonds are Forever     63   X 31-Jul-16
C1630 Little Monsters       8 X 31-Jul-16
C1632 Say It All - Hostess Rewards     11     31-Jul-16
C1633 For Family     39     31-Jul-16
D1458 American Celebration          X 31-Jul-16
D1459 Canadian Celebration         X 31-Jul-16
D1480 Snowflakes         X 31-Jul-16
D1481 Vintage Type         X 31-Jul-16
D1482 Love Life         X 31-Jul-16
D1490 Backdrop Charmed         X 31-Jul-16
D1491 Hooray Bouquet         X 31-Jul-16
D1493 Fill in the Blank - Holiday         X 31-Jul-16
D1494 Christmas Cheer         X 31-Jul-16
D1502 Look Who's…         X 31-Jul-16
D1506 Family Love         X 31-Jul-16
D1515 Play Day         X 31-Jul-16
D1518 Christmas Delights         X 31-Jul-16
D1520 Ornamental Cheer         X 31-Jul-16
D1522 Glamour Lowercase     105     31-Jul-16
D1524 Frame It Up         X 31-Jul-16
D1525 Casual Expressions         X 31-Jul-16
D1526 Family Tree         X 31-Jul-16
D1527 Perfect Fit—Frames         X 31-Jul-16
D1536 Perfect Fit—Frames 2         X 31-Jul-16
D1537 Glamour Uppercase     105     31-Jul-16
D1539 The Happy Couple         X 31-Jul-16
D1542 For a Friend         X 31-Jul-16
D1545 Wheel of Life         X 31-Jul-16
D1546 Frame Flair         X 31-Jul-16
D1555 All the Details         X 31-Jul-16
D1556 School Years         X 31-Jul-16
D1560 Holiday Tags         X 31-Jul-16
D1561 B is for Baby         X 31-Jul-16
D1578 Flight of the Arrows     84     31-Jul-16
D1580 Catch You Later         X 31-Jul-16
D1581 Give A Lift         X 31-Jul-16
D1584 Big Hug     74     31-Jul-16
D1599 Geek is Chic         X 31-Jul-16
D1600 Here We Go     27     31-Jul-16
D1604 Season of Thanks     46     31-Jul-16
D1605 Halloween Greetings         X 31-Jul-16
D1607 Bodacious Banners     30   X 31-Jul-16
D1609 Seaside Greetings     95     31-Jul-16
D1610 Christmas Post         X 31-Jul-16
D1611 Frosty Fun         X 31-Jul-16
D1612 Teacher Appreciation     25     31-Jul-16
D1613 Best Christmas         X 31-Jul-16
D1614 Reason for the Season       29   31-Jul-16
D1617 Make It Merry       26 X 31-Jul-16
D1618 Build-a-Cake     69     31-Jul-16
D1627 Your Own Kind of Wonderful     86     31-Jul-16
D1633 Hopping By 25       X 31-Jul-16
D1634 Rain or Shine 26   72   X 31-Jul-16
D1635 Assorted Edges 16   47     31-Jul-16
D1636 I Do 28   56     31-Jul-16
D1637 Jumping Geometrics 14   32     31-Jul-16
D1644 The Authentic Life   22 99   X 31-Jul-16
D1645 Botanical Backgrounds   16 33     31-Jul-16
D1647 Documenting Moments   27 71     31-Jul-16
D1648 Snapshot Memories   26 70     31-Jul-16
D1651 Wavy Blooms   12 44     31-Jul-16
D1652 Team Player   25     X 31-Jul-16
D1656 Miracle of Christmas       19 X 31-Jul-16
D1657 Holly Jolly Christmas       22 X 31-Jul-16
D1659 Mini Messages - Hostess Rewards     9     31-Jul-16
D1661 Crazy Good     22   X 31-Jul-16
D1662 Harvest Wreath       13   31-Jul-16
D1663 Floral Banners     53     31-Jul-16
D1664 Packages, Boxes, and Tags     66   X 31-Jul-16
D1665 Blossoming Expressions     52     31-Jul-16
D1666 Believe in Christmas       25 X 31-Jul-16
D1669 Tasty Terrors       10 X 31-Jul-16
D1677 Friend Tree     38   X 31-Jul-16
D1679 Animal Greetings           31-Jul-16
E1028 Hopscotch Alphabet     106     31-Jul-16
E1029 Marquee Uppercase     107     31-Jul-16
E1031 Dated     58     31-Jul-16
M1000 Monogram A         X 31-Jul-16
M1001 Monogram B         X 31-Jul-16
M1002 Monogram C         X 31-Jul-16
M1003 Monogram D         X 31-Jul-16
M1004 Monogram E         X 31-Jul-16
M1005 Monogram F         X 31-Jul-16
M1006 Monogram G         X 31-Jul-16
M1007 Monogram H         X 31-Jul-16
M1008 Monogram I         X 31-Jul-16
M1009 Monogram J         X 31-Jul-16
M1010 Monogram K         X 31-Jul-16
M1011 Monogram L         X 31-Jul-16
M1012 Monogram M         X 31-Jul-16
M1013 Monogram N         X 31-Jul-16
M1014 Monogram O         X 31-Jul-16
M1015 Monogram P         X 31-Jul-16
M1016 Monogram Q         X 31-Jul-16
M1017 Monogram R         X 31-Jul-16
M1018 Monogram S         X 31-Jul-16
M1019 Monogram T         X 31-Jul-16
M1020 Monogram U         X 31-Jul-16
M1021 Monogram V         X 31-Jul-16
M1022 Monogram W         X 31-Jul-16
M1023 Monogram X         X 31-Jul-16
M1024 Monogram Y         X 31-Jul-16
M1025 Monogram Z         X 31-Jul-16
M1050 Mini Calendar          X 31-Jul-16
M1051 Wish 27   68     31-Jul-16
M1053 Sweeter with You 27   73     31-Jul-16
M1054 XOXO 13   73     31-Jul-16
M1055 Friendship Wreath   13       31-Jul-16
M1122 Wedding Day     57     31-Jul-16
M1123 Feel Better     73     31-Jul-16
M1124 Birthday Calligraphy     129     31-Jul-16
M1125 Celebrate!     129     31-Jul-16
M1126 This Is Christmas       31   31-Jul-16
M1127 Hand-Lettered Christmas       31   31-Jul-16
M1128 Doubly Merry       31   31-Jul-16
M1129 Holiday Greetings       31   31-Jul-16
M1130 A Penned Hello     129     31-Jul-16
M1131 Victorian Gratitude     129     31-Jul-16