Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Princess!

I can't believe that it has been so long since I have posted on here. Things have been so crazy busy lately. I won't even try and catch you up on everything that we have been doing but I will say - wow!!! I need a vacation! The funny part is that we just got back from a weekend trip to Chicago for a wedding. This trip was not a vacation though. We didn't arrive in Chicago until 2am and then we left that say day at 9:30pm to head home. We finally arrived home at 7am the next morning. Life is always fun here at the Hicks house!

Today is such a special day - It is my sweet Princess's birthday! We started the day off right with a special gift. Princess just learned how to ride a two wheel bike about 2 weeks ago and had definitely outgrown her last bike. It was time for an upgrade and she was thrilled!!!!
As the custom here at our house, Daddy always take the kids birth day off from work and spends the day with the kids.The usual request is to go to Chuck-E-Cheese because the kids know that that is the only day that they will get to go (I can't stand that place). They went and played there for a while and then saw the new Furry Vengeance. Both thought it was hilarious and really enjoyed it! Looks silly to me but was just up their alley!

Afterwards they met us back for a fun party at the park. Princess had requested we go to the local walking track for her birthday where all the kids could ride their bikes, scooters and the like and have some fun. We cooked out and had a great time.
Princess was definitely spoiled again with so many fabulous gifts. There was a definite theme to the gifts though - lots of artsy stuff! Here cousins even gave her 15 rolls of tape!!! To this she replied, "Yes, I'm in heaven!" She is so funny!!! She has requested that her new name be Artsy Fartsy Chick - so, be watching!