Monday, June 29, 2009

Scrapbook challenge

I finally finished my layout from the kids baptism a couple weeks ago. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I am actually going to teach this layout at my next workshop in July. If you would like to create it too (with your own title/theme of course) check out my calendar on my website for all the details at

I love using Close to My Heart's idea books to create my layouts - it truly makes it so easy. So, I have a challenge for you. The first person who posts the Idea Book and layout name that Baptism layout was created from will receive a special scrapbooking prize from me. So, start looking and get your post in soon. Happy searching!

Here's the other layout we will be creating at my workshop. Amanda DesJardin designed the layout while I added my own little touches to it. The right page has our new Flip Flaps add to it to include even more pictures.

Here is how the flip flaps work! It's a really cool way to make your pages interactive and add as many more photos as you want to your layout. Pretty cool!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kids grow up too fast!!!

Wow! Can kids really grow up as fast as it seems? Today, Whiz kid has his first night at summer camp through the church. Our church is really cool and really knows how to show God's love in everything - especially the fun stuff. As you can see, my biggest kid, my husband, was setting the example for the rest of the clan as they celebrated Whiz kids big sleepover at the camp.

Whiz kid was so excited for today and has been doing the count down all week. We packed his bag today as he went through the list from the church to make sure we have everything they listed. He checked it about 5 times to be sure he didn't forget anything :). I slipped in a little goodie bag and card for him to find tonight before he went to bed just to tell him I loved him and to remind him of his promise he made me when he was 2 - He wouldn't grow up and he would always live with me :). I'm holding hard to that promise but it seems to be slipping away rather quickly. I also had to slip him in a camera for him to take pictures of all they did and so we could scrapbook it together. It is killing me not to be there and take the pictures myself but I think I have trained him well enough by now that he should have it pretty well covered. We will see...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Fun Girls Night

Last night I had a gathering with a wonderful group of ladies in Spring Hill. I've known the hostess for a little over a year and knew the Animal Crackers paper pack would be the perfect layout to create. We had so much fun, a lot of laughs and learned a little too :). All of the ladies there had played with Close to My Heart products before, so we were able to play a little more and I was able to teach the masking technique that you can see in the title. Masking allows you to stamp two different colors with one stamp. Want to learn how? Call me, come over and play with me or I can come to your house and play with you and your friends. :)
This layout was so fun to create. If you know much about me, you know I don't have any babies around here anymore. This layout is of my youngest daughter when she was 3 months old - she is now 3 years old! I hate to be behind on my scrapbooking but, hey, that is o.k., because I always seem to have pictures for each new layout that I create :).

Sunday, June 14, 2009


What an amazing night! Several months ago Whiz Kid and Princess came to me individually and told me that they wanted to get baptized. I was so happy to hear this, but of course, wanted to make sure they understood what it meant. After quizzing them and waiting a month or so to make sure it wasn't just something "their friends were doing" - they persisted and we decided it was time. Our church, Grace Chapel, has a river out back and one time a year they do baptisms in the river instead of inside the church. We decided it was time and signed them up. Princess was so excited to be getting baptized! She asked me every day this week, "How many more days until I get baptized, Mama?"

Well, today was the day and I was so happy and thrilled to see my oldest 2 children make such a great and awesome decision. Mike was able to baptize Whiz Kid while Pastor Steve baptized Princess. What an amazing thing to watch and be a part of. I am so proud of my children and their decision to follow God. I love you, babies!

Friday, June 12, 2009

On the Hunt for fireflys

The kids have been at VBS all week at our church and today Bruiser came home with a jar for catching lighting bugs. Well sure enough, as soon as it was dark enough, all the kids went running out searching for the flickering little creatures. They had so much fun running, chasing and catching them. They caught a total of 8 before Mike and I called them inside. They were so bummed to have to let them go. Bruiser had to say goodbye to each and every one of them first.

Finally we get them to bed and Mike is locking up the house and sees a lunar moth. Well being a good homeschool dad, Mike had to get them all out of bed again to see the moth. They were so excited about the month but upset too that it would only live one night. Mike and I decided to catch it and put it on a display board for the kids to look at better and study. I can't wait to scrapbook the whole thing :).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Finally Here!

Well, I can't believe I am blogging but here I am. Welcome to the blog of the mother the family circus comic was written after. Not really, but hey, I do think we are being watched and used us as subjects for the column :) I am sure over my next several posts you will see what I mean. As for now, the kids are finally in bed and I am sitting back enjoying a nice bowl of ice cream and planning my trip to Long Beach next month. I am traveling there for Close to My Heart's Leadership Convention and will get to visit a good friend while I am there. I am so looking forward to this get-a-way and a chance to relax. The relaxing part will be with my friend Andrea and then it's off to create and have a loads of fun with corporate at leadership. I will be sure to show off all the great artwork and projects we create. CTMH always does an amazing job and inspiring us with gorgeous artwork.