Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The weather here was absolutely wonderful for Christmas. I woke up to a light dusting of snow all over the ground which made it truly feel like Christmas. Growing up in NY, there was almost always snow on the ground on Christmas but here in TN it hardly ever snows in December. In fact, our winter weather comes more towards the end of January and February. The snow here made my Christmas feel like a true Christmas.

A couple days before Christmas time, I decide to sit down and try and put together some extra Christmas cards using the scraps from Close to My Hearts Mistletoe papers. Of course, anytime Mama is in her scrap room, all the kids come running. My two oldest kids love to scrapbook with me and thought is would be fun to make their own cards. They had helped a lot with the cards for the car dealership last week so they were ready to go on their own. Here is a picture of some of the cards that we were able to make. We had so much fun until the wee hours of the night but that's what doing life together is all about, right. :)

This one here is my favorite, I think.....

The picture doesn't show the detail very well, but at the top around the flowers, we took prisma glitter and outlined the flowers. The effect was beautiful!

Once Christmas came the kids were thrilled. Bruiser, worried that he might have been on the naughty list but then figured that there have always been presents under the tree before so there should be now too. I wasn't so sure though :). He wasn't so sure either when there were several presents for the other kids and only a few for him. However, don't feel sorry for him, his presents just happened to be bigger and more expensive than the rest which means he got them last :). The end result - he was a happy boy!
Whiz Kid was thrilled with his new drums, Mama was o.k. with them too because they came with head phones so I don't have to hear them all the time.
Princess was our most excited child at Christmas this year, as her long awaited dreams of having her own camera, finally came true! Her screams were silent at first as nothing would come out, and then she finally found her voice and used it until the rest of us had to quiet her down.
Tinker Bell, well she loves everything. Although there wasn't a main gift that she wanted, all her many little gifts sure kept her tickled. I bought her a doctors kit like the one that I had when I was growing up and she was thrilled. Needless to say, everyone had their checkup before the day was through. and though some were told that it didn't look good so a shot was needed, we all should make it. :)
As our kids are getting older, we are trying to really teach them the true meaning of Christmas -giving! God gave us his son to save us and be our redeemer, we give presents at Christmas in honor of Jesus. This year, Whiz Kid and Princess, each with their own money, went out and bought everyone gifts for Christmas. They were both so excited to give their gifts and wanted their presents to be the first given out. It was fun to see them so excited to give rather than receive and the joy that comes from it. I hope and pray your Christmas was filled with joy and love as ours was.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Through the House Workshop

It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I love the lights, the tree, the giving of presents and of course, the food (I'm Italian what else do you expect :) ). Last week I taught my Christmas workshop using our new Mistletoe papers. I always try and make this layout so that I can display as many pictures on the layout as possible. At Christmas I always take twice as many pictures than any other event, and I always take a lot of pictures :). Let's just say thank goodness for digital cameras! :) This year I created a tri-fold layout using our new 12" flip flaps. The layout can hold over 20 pictures! What do you think? Lots of room for pictures, huh! Sorry the picture is turned sideways. In Picture Manager the layout is correctly positioned but somehow it isn't transferring like I need it to here. So, have fun, tilt your head and take a look. Then laugh at yourself because you know your kids will be laughing at you. :)
Also, I thought I would share a card with you that I had to make. My father works at a car dealership and called me last week asking me to put together 200 cards for him in 4 days!!! Well there was definitely an assembly line process going on here at my house. I used the new That's Amore December Stamp of the Month as the ornament, the Flyin' High Stamp Set for the car and the St. Nick Stamp Set for the Merry Christmas wording. Definitely not the stamp sets you would expect for a Christmas card but I think it worked. Hope you enjoy!

Having Fun with Friends

Last week I had so much fun getting together with my friends in Franklin. About once a month they have a girls night and I am blessed that they include me to come and help them keep their scrapbooks growing. This month we created a simpler version of my November Workshop but it turned out just as spectacular.

I really like how all the girls creative styles come out with each layout. Aren't they great!