Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kits are Key!!!

As many of you know, my family recently made a move to Alabama to run a crafting retreat house.  It's sort of like a bed and breakfast but you stay for 3-4 days at a time, get yummy food your entire stay and even get a massage if you so choose.  It has been wonderful and I am so glad God planned this for our lives.  With this recent move though my scrapbooking time has become much less then what it was previously. I have found that having a kit where all the planning is done has become key! Last weekend I only had a little over an hour to do anything fun so I took out an old card kit that I had received at convention but didn't have time to complete while there.  It was so fun and easy to throw together and they looked great (if I do say so myself :) ).

I love that Close to My Heart has focused on kit's with our newest Seasonal Expressions Catalog.  These will be awesome to help keep me on track and caught up.

Take a look at the new Cut Above Layout Kit - Forever and Always:

Isn't it beautiful!  This is how to kit comes:

and there is even a video on my website showing how to put the Cut Above kit - Little One together:

These are super cute and so easy to put together!!!  You need to try them out!  

Need some cards, We have kits for those too!  

This is small sampling of the new Seasonal Expressions offerings. Check them out and get your supplies ordered. Remember, kits are key for getting your pictures scrapped and books completed! Have fun!!!

Happy Scrappin!