Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Organizing with the Best!

OK, you definitely couldn't tell it from my house but I love to be organized! It feels so good to have everything in it's place and a place for everything. I have tried to learn over the last 9 years that with kids (and a husband) that you can't always have everything organized like you would like but I love to try. Besides my homeschool supplies, my scrapbooking supplies seem to be the hardest things to get and keep organized. One of the main problem I have, and it seems most people have, is organizing your pictures and having them ready when it's time to go to a crop or workshop. Well, I think I finally got that problem solved! It worked so well for me, I taught a workshop on it Friday night! It was so fun to see everyone walk in with arm loads of pictures that needed to be taken out of the envelopes and organized and then see people leave with a lot fewer envelopes and a new process to organize learned. At the workshop, everyone received:
  1. One Cropper Hopper tote (if needed)
  2. A In-Progress 12x12 3-ring binder
  3. 10 Close to My Heart page protectors
  4. 2 packages of Close to My Heart photo pages
  5. Index cards and index tabs to organize photos in the Cropper Hopper tote
  6. page listing all the Close to My Heart papers and colors used in those papers since 2008
  7. Close to My Heart color swatch ring of all 60 of CTMH's colors
  8. Custom stickease for pre-journaling while organizing your photos in the photo pages
  9. Listing of other Close to My Heart items great for organizing
  10. Dinner
  11. Good time with friends!

Look at all this organizing going on. Isn't this great!!! During our organizing, Brenda and I found out that we both take too many pictures of animals. Brenda likes cows and I apparently like giraffes and whales - who knew?!? Now, off to scrapbook some more now that I can see what I have to work with!

Get your pictures out, put in a good movie and see how organized you can get! You never know, you might just love it like we do!