Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sit, Relax and have fun!

National Stamping Month is here and as you may have already heard they released this exclusive card kit that is gorgeous, interactive and fun but not fast.  Let me explain.  Over the past several months I have been telling you how important kits have become to me. I use all of the Workshop Your Way kits and Cut Above kits to help me get my scrapbooking done fast.  It has been great! I love it and the ease that it has created to help me scrapbook when I have VERY LITTLE TIME.

However, this special National Stamping Month kit  - From the Heart is not like the kits I mentioned above. It takes a little more time, thought and a whole lot more stamping.  And guess what - you are going to LOVE it!  It's a chance for you to sit, relax and play.  Take out a couple scratch pieces of paper and play with your stamping. Remember 2nd Generation stamping, you know when you stamp once on a scratch piece of paper and then stamp again on your card, and the lighter effect is soft and almost makes it look like you used a 2nd ink color. I sat down and played for just a little bit and came up with this rough cheat sheet for you to use when stamping your flowers.

With so many ink colors from Close to My Heart there are so many different colored flowers that you can create. This is just scratching the surface and getting your brain started. 

Here are just a few of the cards I created:

This first card I did stamping like you see in my cheat sheet.  The flowers and leaves were done with 1st and 2nd generation stamping giving depth to the flowers and helping them look a little more realistic. 

This 2nd card I stamped with a base ink of New England Ivy and then used our Shin Han markers to color in the flowers.  The leaves for the top sentiment were stamped with Fern 2nd generation. This card went much faster but doesn't have the bouquet like the 1st card. However, fast simple and easy!  Love it!

Finally, this last card was stamped with multiple colors and stamps like the first but I blinged up the card a little.  Who doesn't love a little (or a lot) of bling. Here I used our new
 Color of the Year - Bashful Pearls.    

There is so much you can do with these cards and the gold foil bases are gorgeous and adds so much pop not to mention the interactive fold. Remember - relax!  This is supposed to be fun.  Put on a good movie to listen to in the background and start playing with your stamps and inks.  This card kit is a perfect reminder of why you fell in love with Close to My Heart stamps to begin with.  

Each kit comes with 10 pre-punched card bases, 10 envelopes and a full sheet of colored step-by-step instructions.  Order your kit here or at the link on the right and feel free to check back at the cheat sheet above to get ideas as you play and create.  Have fun!

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